Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

My phizzwizard dream.

I had a dream about Lego.I was dreaming of building my Lego. I was trying to build a Lego house. When I ran out bricks I couldn't build any further. Then I went to the mall and saw a new Lego shop. I was very exited. I asked my mother if we can go buy me all the Lego in the shop.The shop was very big. I was looking at all the Lego in the shop.

 My mom said she could only buy me one Lego box. I was very sad. I told her that I love Lego and that I need more Lego to finish my Lego house. She kept on saying no. That day I was very sad. I did not talk to anybody. My mom said she cant just buy Lego. That night I had a dream of having all the Lego in the world. the next morning I woke up and my whole room was full of Lego. I went to look for my mother. I could not find her anywhere. I was so worried. I went to call her everywhere. I went upstairs to play with my Lego and I opened all the boxes. I was very happy of all my Lego but very sad that o could not find my mother. After a few hours my mother came upstairs and said why I called her because  she was still in bed.

I told her that I thought she was gone. My mother said no. SO I rushed to her said thank you for the Lego.She said its a pleasure and I am noT getting any more Lego. I said to her its OK and I love her. From that day on words I was so happy.